Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cruise - Day 4 (Belize)

This day John and I did not have an excursion planned out - note to anyone traveling to Belize on a cruise ship; pick an excursion. We woke up early and then went back to sleep - we did this a few times. The ship was to port at 8AM, but the Belize port officers forgot to come and get the ship - how nice. So, we kept going back to sleep, then we got up to eat breakfast and then went back to our room for a nap. Around 12:30 we went to the bottom of the boat to catch the tender to take us to Belize.

Once in Belize we found a taxi drive to take us around the city and give us a little tour. We were on the tour with three others from our cruise. Right before the tour we stopped to eat at the Wet Lizard and had nachos and sprite/water. During our tour we learned so many things about the little country of Belize. We also saw a tree called the Piss-a-bed tree. This tree has flowers that are boiled into a tea and the children are given the tea to drink and after drinking it they never pee in a bed again. Pretty amazing, huh?
A church built by the slaves in Belize - they were not allowed to worship inside...
The handcarved door

The is not something you would eat, but the Mayans used this to make their bowls and dishes

Piss-A-Bed Tree

After the tour we caught the tender and headed back to the boat - took showers and a nap before dinner, played roulette, and then went to bed.

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piss-a-bed tree....interesting

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