Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cruise - Day 5 (Costa Maya)

Another early day! Today we got up to eat breakfast and then headed to deck zero to get off the ship into Costa Maya, Mexico. John and I were the very first people to depart the ship. The only reason we got off so early was because we were scheduled for an early morning excursion. We saw a squirrel monkey while we were waiting - of course I had to have my picture taken with him. She jumped onto my shoulder and then onto Johns, then back onto mine and she did not want to leave! The guy tried to coax her with food, but she wanted to snuggle on my shoulder. Instead of getting off to get the food she grabbed to handfuls and stayed on me. I loved that little monkey and I wanted to keep her.

John and I got in line for our mini-jeep rhino adventure. We had a brief tutorial with the jeeps; John did because he was the driver. Our attire consisted of a helmet, goggles, and a bandanna - we looked like bandits. The first part of the drive was on a smooth road and then we went into the jungle where it was extremely bumpy - ugh, I thought it would never end. It was fun though! We headed to a little fishing village and had a break - enjoyed a sprite. The view was so pretty at the village. While we were there I asked John about living in paradise. I asked him where those that lived in paradise went for vacation. He said they probably didn't go anywhere because most of those countries are full of those that wouldn't be able to afford to go on a vacation. I decided it was a fair trade - to be able to live in paradise even if it was just home to them.
When we finished our excursion we went to the pool and met up with my family - we all had a great time swimming and hanging out. After a day in the sun we headed back to the boat - took showers, took family pictures, and then ate dinner, casino, and then bed.

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