Monday, July 13, 2009

Cruise - Day 3 (Cozumel)

This morning we got up early for another fantastic breakfast in order to start our fun day in Cozumel, Mexico. This would be our first port of the cruise. For Cozumel we had book an excursion, but we had a little time to spare before meeting with our group. The first stops were at the jewelry stores to pick up our free charms - some deal that was going on with the ship. One of the stores had a man that asked me if I was "waiting" - waiting for what might you ask? To give birth - what a nice thing to say to someone that is not pregnant and just gave birth to a child they cannot keep. Anyways - he felt bad after I explained what happened and I felt fat the rest of the trip; so much for a boosted self-esteem.

After shopping (and picking out a couple of places to make a few purchases at later!) we headed to our meeting place for our excursion. The trip for us was a clear kayak and snorkel; John, my parents, and myself. We went to the location and the first thing to do was get into the 2 person kayaks and paddle around. There were so many fish to see in the water! The guide threw out some food for the fish so that we could see more. Some of them had eaten way too much! After boating we headed back to shore and took a break before the snorkel adventure. During the snorkel time we saw all sorts of coral, a sea horse, and all kinds of beautiful fish. Next we headed back to the pier to finish up our shopping and we also hung out at Fat Tuesday where we were given balloon hats - I made John chase the lady to get us two =)

So...then back to the boat for us, showers, dinner, and roulette...then bed!

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