Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cruise - Day 2 (@Sea)

Our first morning waking up on the boat! We got up to eat at the Lido deck at the Red Sail restaurant for a delicious breakfast buffet. The buffet included eggs, pancakes, grits, an assortment of fruit, pastries, cereal - anything you wanted! Next we went to our room to check the boat schedule and pick out some activities to do. We decided on going to one of the trivia events - city slogan trivia. We did awful, but it was fun! After trivia we walked around the stores on the boat and looked at some of the pictures we had taken the night before.

We went back to our room to get our bathing suits on and headed to the deck with the pools and slide. John and I both went on the slide and had a great time - even though we both got mouthfuls of salty water...yuck. Our next activity we wanted to try was a putt-putt contest, but I guess it had been cancelled because no one was there when we got there. For lunch we had hamburgers and chili dogs and then we headed to another trivia - super trivia. Here you joined teams and answered questions together - it was okay; not the most fun, but okay. Our group was named The Strangers - since none of us knew each other. Original, right?

After trivia we ventured to the casino for a little while, but could not stay too long because John needed to iron his clothes for dinner - an elegant night. At dinner John had lobster and shrimp while I opted for the prime rib. We made sure to order different meals so that we could try each others. Following dinner we took adult family pictures - the kids were all in the camps on the boat. John went to the room and the rest of us went to the "Vegas Style" show. When it first started I began to get sad because I really miss dancing - not just dancing, but being good at dancing. I wondered what it would have been like if I had opted not to go to college and joined the cruise ship dancers....and then the dancers turned around. They were wearing thongs - definitely NOT something I would be wearing. It was still a great show....I could have done the moves.

The show ended and John and I changed and headed to our roulette table - then back to the room to sleep...

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