Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cruise - Day 1 (Boarding)

Today was the start of our 7 day cruise! We left our house at around 7:30AM and headed towards Cape Canaveral, FL. John and I rode with my parents and we caravaned with my sister's family. My brother's family flew down and we met up with them later. We arrived and boarded the ship - then waited to get into our rooms. Once we got into our rooms John started to put one of his bags away because that is all that had arrived.

While we waited for lunchtime we signed up for a couple of excursions. Next, we went to eat lunch and meet up with Tres, Tina, and Olivia - they had arrived from the airport. Lunch was fantastic and we enjoyed our first meal on our new home. After eating John and I went back to our room to see if the rest of our luggage had arrived because we wanted to unpack and get settled. Luckily everything was there so we were able to get settled in our room.

Once we were settled we got ready for the emergency evacuation stuff - basically we had to put on our life jackets and head to the sections that we would go to if the ship were to sink or we needed to evacuate. After our drill practice we walked around the ship and watched our boat set ail and head towards Mexico - at the top deck.

Next we went to our room and took a nap before heading to our first dinner in the dining room. Our first night was casual so we went to dinner wearing the same clothes we had been wearing all day. John had tiger shrimp and I feasted upon ribs - after everyone saw my meal they wished they had ordered it. For dessert everyone had the warm chocolate melting cake which was very rich and very delicious.

After dinner we went to one of the theater rooms to play BINGO and watch a comedy show. At some point during the night we also played roulette and had a mini photo shoot. Finally we retired to our dark room to get some sleep. Seriously, the room was completely pitch black when the curtains from the window were closed. Scary...

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