Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorority celebration, Homecoming, and sneak peek of our baby!

This weekend I went "down to the 'ol stoppin' grounds" back to my alma mater for homecoming and a celebration of my sorority's 50th year on campus. It was such a great time! John was unable to go because at the last minute his work won a trip to Miami where apparently they win all sorts of free stuff - so far he was gotten an HD touchscreen camcorder, a laptop, video editing software, a blueray player, and other things! I guess it was worth it - especially for the camcorder! That will definitly come in handy in a few months. I enjoyed seeing so many of my sorority sisters - some I had not seen in ages! We went to a "check-in" and then a Sister Hazel concert on Friday. I bunked with a couple of sisters at the hotel I worked at when I was in college.

Saturday we had a brunch and then tailgating (yeah, I tailgated with my big belly!), and then dinner. On Saturday I also went to John's old fraternity house (where a few friends would be as well) and visited with all of them. It was a little awkward being "the pregnant girl" at the fraternity house, but it was fun to see some old friends. I think some of them were wierded out seeing me pregnant with John's baby =). At the dinner we also had a live band and I learned the Cupid Shuffle - a new favorite dance. I love to dance and I am determined that my little one will be a dancer. I figure that I can install some rhythm in him/her now!

Sunday when I was about to leave I went by the hospital to see a friend/sister because she told me to come and we could see if we could get a sneak peek of the sex of little baby Henninger. I went to the ER and the little rascal would not open his/her legs! I guess baby H wants to wait for both mommy and daddy before the unveiling!

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