Saturday, June 7, 2008

Karen & Clay's Wedding

This weekend we had the festivities for Karen and Clay's wedding. Karen is a childhood friend - one I have known since we were 4 years old. Last summer Karen caught the bouquet in my wedding and now she's getting married - isn't that fun? The summer before I got married I caught a bouquet - it has a long history =)

Friday we began with the bridal luncheon and then on to the rehearsal dinner. The wedding itself was held at the Methodist church - this church is so beautiful for weddings. During the rehearsal dinner Clay told a story about how he and his roommate would have "toothbrush wars" and do weird little things to each other's toothbrushes - like tie a little noose to it, have ketchup trailing from one, have one drowning, all sorts of strange little things. As bridesmaids the 5 of us decided that we would each hand Clay a toothbrush as we walked down the aisle. It was priceless! Prior to the wedding I was put in charge of getting the luggage to the hotel - I was good and did not do anything to the luggage, even though my mom suggested we should! I did put some sweet little treats in the bags though!

The wedding was beautiful and included a family of girls - 5 or 6 that all sing and play instruments. They did such an amazing job. The service was officiated by a preacher from Alabama - he was in charge of the camp that Karen worked at. After the service we went to the reception and had such a wonderful time! There were many childhood friends there and it is always such wonderful to have a chance to hang out with them. Karen and Clay will be taking a honeymoon up to the mountains to hike and do all sorts of fun things!

Karen and I


Childhood friends

The Family

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