Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chuck & Jessica's Wedding

Saturday we traveled to Valdosta for Chuck and Jessica's wedding. Chuck and John are fraternity brothers and Jessica was also a friend of ours. I know I say this in every single wedding blog, BUT we LOVE going to weddings and seeing our friends. I really wish we would have a wedding every single month so that we could see our friends more often.

John and I just traveled there for the day because he had to work the day after; luckily it is not TOO far of a trip so we were able to make it a day trip. Once again we took our "Kappa Sigma Wives Club" picture - a tradition at each wedding we go to. Well, at least I know I make sure to get a picture of all the wives at the weddings I attend! It's still so amazing to have such a great group of friends - first meeting everyone at college and then watching them meet their future wives/husbands and then being there when they get married. It is really such an awesome experience and feeling. We are really lucky to be able to go to all of these weddings and see the new chapters in our friends' lives begin. It's going to be fun once everyone starts expanding their familes and when we can all take family vacations together!!
John and I

The Wives

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