Thursday, June 11, 2015

Water Fun

Pool day for the kiddos today! We were outside this morning for hours and it was so nice because the clouds were out just enough to shade the sun. I bought a fun little ball sprinkler thing the other day and we finally used it. The kids loved chasing the balls around and playing in the water that sprayed out. You can get one on Amazon! Mine was on sale when I got it ;)

Harrison is like a little fish in the water. He will swim all around and then just stick his legs out {with pointed toes} out stiff as he can and just float. Heidi is our underwater queen. She loves to dive around and sit at the bottom. We are still working on her actually swimming and while we are in our own pool she can go without the puddle jumpers {if you don't have a set you need them with kids} but if we are in a large crowd then she will have to wear them because too many kids in one place {in the pool} will make my head spin in all directions.When we were at the pool at Disney there was a little boy, maybe in between Harrison and Heidi that at one point had swimmers on and then later he didn't. but he was swimming with an older brother or cousin. The family was way on the other side of the pool and the older one got tired of watching the boy. He told the adults he was tired of watching him but no one seemed to listen or care. Eventually I saw the little boy and kept a watchful eye on him, but it made me so sad. I was ready to jump in and save this boy even though his family way on the other side wasn't even paying a bit of attention. Anyway, so Heidi wears her puddle jumpers when in crowds.

The kids looked cute today and I took a ton of pictures, but we will never get to see them because I did not have the memory card in the camera and they do not save to the camera. I wish it had a little flashing light like my DSLR that would let me know there was not a memory card. So because of that you get stock pictures of random people playing :) 

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