Sunday, March 2, 2014

Harrison - 11 Months

Can you believe it? I am actually giving a monthly update for Harrison! Woohoo!

Harrison is 11 months old and he is into everything - literally everything. You cannot leave anything on the floor because Harrison will race you to it and stick it in his mouth. If there are things on a table Harrison is not satisfied until he has taken everything off of the table. Same goes to items in a drawer, he must take everything out. It is so much fun to watch him get set on a mission to empty a drawer or box.

Laughing and smiling are constant. It is so much fun to watch Harrison and Heidi go back and forth laughing at each other. They are going to be feeding off of each other for years to come - and I just love it!

Harrison eats anything you give him and anything he finds on the floor. Table food is a favorite and he is not the most patient of children when waiting on his food.

If there is something stationary Harrison tries to pull up on it. A favorite to pull up on is the back of my legs while I am cooking dinner. Just recently he has been walking while holding onto things, but really could care less about walking. Crawling gets him where he needs to go and he is satisfied with that.

As far as words Harrison is babbling and spitting more and more each day. I went to look back and see what Heidi's words were at the same age and she had so many words, but I have to remember not to compare and that boys and girls can be so different. So, I am not going to let myself worry that he has not said any words. I do think I heard a mama one day though!

Bath time is a favorite as long as mommy is the one giving the bath. Harrison sleeps in his crib, but sometimes he wants extra snuggles and ends up in our family bed. That usually does not work because then Heidi and Harrison and trying to cuddle with each other or play. You are ultra snuggly and love to cuddle. Peek-a-boo is a big time favorite. The other day you were playing peek-a-boo behind the door and having such a good time with it.

You wave, clap {a lot}, and shake your head no. At mealtime you love to stand in your seat and glare at me with a twinkle in your eyes and a smile as I tell you no. Apparently you think you will be able to get by on your cuteness. So far it is working for you ;) We have taken you to nursery at church twice, but not in a long time. It just is not your time yet, plus with the sickness going around this year we will just wait.

You are still nursing, wearing size 4 diapers, 9-12 months clothes, but mainly 12 month clothes because you are so long.

Basically you are the happiest boy on the planet, but occasionally you cry ;)

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