Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's Going On?

We are in full blown beginning of the year mode! Getting back into the swing of things after moving and all of the fun Christmas events we had going on last month. John and I are now finally able to put our energy into building our house.We have picked a plan and we met with our builder and the draftsman {not sure if that is the term - basically he will be engineering the plans} to go over the tweaks we want to make on the plans. So far it is so much fun to dream up all of the fun stuff we want in a house. I hope to have fun blogging the process! For now I am on Pinterest daily scoping out ideas. Of course we cannot do everything we want all at one time, but the first focus will be the kitchen; putting our money into the heart of the home.

I have become a horrible mom never taking pictures. I need to take my camera back to the store to be sent off for repair again. The focus is all off and it messes up the pictures. I did grab a few shots this weekend though! Heidi and Harrison are growing so fast and I want to have every moment documented. They are so sweet and lovable - to me and to each other.

Poor Harrison cannot seem to catch a break with ear infections, croup, teething...something is always going on with him. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has had 6 teeth come in the past month, but I think we are about to have a little break for a little while.

Heidi is living the dream right now. We are staying at my parents' house while we build {we have tenants in our house} and my parents are staying at their newly renovated cottage on the river, but they are back and forth - so Heidi is pretty much loving having her grandparents here all of the time. We are building next door and Heidi is super excited about that as well! My little girl is growing up much faster than I am comfortable with. She recites things like the pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible at random. Ever since Hudson's birthday she has been asking questions about death, why Hudson had to die, why God is so big and we are so small - you know, small talk like that. Stab my heart - questions like that make me break out in hives.

Harrison loves to play with all of Heidi's toys!

Heidi loves to do anything with her kitchen stuff.

First Heidi shows Harrison the proper way to pose for a picture with paint!

I think we have another water baby! This little guy LOVES to be in the bath. You turn the water on and he is leaping out of our arms to jump in the water. Usually when I am about to put him to bed Heidi is taking her bath and he tries to leap in the tub with her when telling her good night. The pool is going to be interesting this year, that is for sure!

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