Thursday, November 21, 2013

Up to Speed

I have fallen off the blogwagon majorly. I have not written or read blogs {besides the last Harrison update} in quite some time. Wish there was some awesome reason why - like I was going to be on a reality tv show and I had to quit during filming, but nope, not really a reason. Well, I think there is an underlying reason, but I have not seemed to be able to put the thoughts into written word quite yet. The OCD in me would like to go back and update in order what all we have been up to lately, but to quote Sweet Brown, "ain't nobody got time for that". We have a LOT going on in the Henninger household, so this post will be a quick little catch up on some of the things {not in order} we have been up to :)

We celebrate Dillon and Dane's birthdays at Monkey Joes - early October. This was a huge deal because I do believe this is one of the first times I did not have to go on the slides and bounce things with Heidi.

These beautiful ladies and I went to celebrate my birthday and have a "ladies night". 

Heidi and Georgia had a little sleepover

Harrison had a banana

We had a visit from a unicorn ballerina

Dinner out downtown with my cousin Julie and my sister Vicki - serious business going on and hashing out the details for our "girl cousin" trip in February!

We had a visit from a little witch.

I began selling Thirty One on June 25th and Heidi and I love all of the boxes that come in!

Heidi laid a couple of eggs.

We have daily couch destruction.

PJ/Movie day at school

Halloween with Doc McStuffins and a Monkey

Donuts with Daddy

Filling boxes for kids across the world

Disney Princesses on Ice

Trip to a Steelers game in Pittsburgh!

So there you go! A few of the things we have been up to lately - not everything, but enough for one night. I promise to update more often!

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Joan Adams

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