Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Harrison - 1 Month

Where has the time gone? Has it really been a month since we first met our little Harrison? It is absolutely crazy how big Harrison has gotten and how fast time has flown. Pretty soon he will be driving a car! Here are some stats that I want to make sure I remember about this first month:

  • You are wearing newborn/0-3 month clothes. We love to put you in the little sleeper gowns and the little outfits with the feet. You don't seem to care which one it is as long as you have clothes on.
  • Diapers are newborn, but I think it will be time to move you to the 1 size very soon.
  • You are nursing only and you are such a great nurser! You must love to eat because you make the loudest noises when you are eating. I have to leave the bedroom because I do not want to wake Heidi or John.
  • Lately you have been staying awake more often, but you are definitely love to sleep. Sometimes I forget you are even around because you are so content and quiet.
  • Your big sister adores you and the three of us had enjoyed being home together this past month. Luckily your daddy has a great job with a normal schedule and he gets to spend a lot of cuddle time with you as well.
  • You are sleeping in the room with the rest of the family, but in the pack-n-play at the foot of the bed. You sleep so well by yourself! We are working on getting your room in order and soon you will be in your big crib.
  • There is rarely a time that you cry or get fussy. Most of the time it is when you need a diaper change, you are hungry, sleepy, or you want to be held. For the most part you are perfectly content wherever you are.
  • We are on the go constantly with taking Heidi to her activities and you do not seem to mind much being in the car.
  • At night you make a lot of grunting noises - probably gas or trying to poop most of the time.
  • Heidi loves to hold you and she always makes sure that your needs are being met. 
I wish we had more pictures. Lately it is hard to get any because Heidi keeps me running around! Well, and the point and shoot camera has had an error and we have sent it off to be fixed. Hopefully we will have more pictures next month! We have a lot of activities coming up this summer so you will be a busy boy! Sometimes I still cannot believe that we have a little boy here. The past few years we have been parents to a little girl so I am learning to get used to having a little boy around. You are seriously the sweetest little baby. You love to look around and I love to see the little smiles you give. I like to pretend they are all on purpose. One funny comment {just one because there are many} was made by Heidi while you were rooting in your daddy's chest and Heidi said, "I think he's looking for a boob". Too cute :)

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Lyndsey said...

I love him! I love you all!

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