Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sprinklers, Strawberries & Squirrels

So sad, the weekend has already come and gone. I love the weekends, especially Sunday when we have family days. John and I are spring cleaning and trying to get our house back in order. Both kids rooms are disasters- actually every room minus the living and kitchen are disasters right now. How that happened I have no idea. John went to Lowes and picked up a few things to do some heavy duty yard work - next weekend we will both be slaving out there, hopefully it will be a nice cool weekend again. While daddy worked in the yard a happy little goose ran around getting soaked in the sprinklers.

Heidi went on all of John's trips to the different stores and that gave me a chance to pack up all of the clothes in Heidi's room that either do not fit or are not of this season. I attempted to clean and organize her room, but that was a worthless cause once Heidi got back home. Laundry was another item checked off the list, oh and I reorganized and cleaned out the linen closet, went through the medicine basket and threw out expired know, all fun things on such a beautiful day.

Yesterday {Saturday} Heidi and I went to pick strawberries with my sister and a few of the rug rats. It was fun - I think Heidi was more interested in watching the pig races, she ran as fast as she could to see them when they started. They had a few fun events going on - a large slide, tricycles to ride, duck races with a water pump, hay rides, all sorts of farm fun! Harrison had a great time, ha!

I'm sure you are dying to know how the bird feeders are doing. We have a very happy camper here :)

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