Friday, May 31, 2013

Busy Fun!

I am finally having time to sit and post about our busy Memorial Day weekend fun! Ok, that is a lie. I have had moments to sit and blog, but I have used them to completely declutter my closet, purge clothes, and take items out of every place I have shoved them. Part of being an "in the closet hoarder" is that you shove items in various places that cannot be seen. Out of sight, out of mind - right? Well, those out of sight places have been burning holes in my mind and I just have to get them taken care of immediately. So, it began with the closet and it is done. Yay! I read a post the other day {and I would totally link if I could remember who posted and where it was from - that's the bad thing about reading when you are nursing at 3AM} and it was very enlightening. So - I took the motivation and ran. Hopefully I will run throughout the rest of the house too. Really I have been so much better lately in throwing and donating things. It is a slow process people. There will be another closet purging session after I have lost my baby weight and I figure out if I like the clothes I am saving for "when I lose the weight" or not. Then I get to go on my shopping spree - so excited for that!

Actually, I remember the post now - you know I was thinking about it the whole time I was typing and I could not continue on until I figure out where I found it. I save all of my pintrest surfing for the nighttime nursings {that and my candy crushing} and I was checking out declutter tips. In the post, the part where she imagined a scenario, fits me to a tee. This is what I am trying to change. Make sure to check it out :) Except I still cannot just throw the darn things away. Yet.

Anyway, back to our fun weekend. Some of you might think decluttering is fun, but not me. It actually pains my heart a little.

We celebrated my nephew William's 3rd birthday {1st American} and Dedication on Saturday. It was a great time for some pool fun! I actually had some sit in a chair and not swim time {not quite ready to bust out in a bathing suit with multiple people around} while my dad played catch the goose in the pool. We had great food, yummy cake, nice family time, present time, and the kids fought over who got to hold Harrison. They love him so much - poor thing. He is going to be smothered.

 William's Dedication

Maisy enjoying some leftovers

Getting back at me for giving the kids squirt guns

Sunday everyone else slept in except for our family. If the sun is up Heidi has to be up - "but its sunny outside". We lounged around our house for a little and then went back over to my sister's house for some more pool fun before going out to eat with everyone.

Monday we hung out at the house. I had a dance rehearsal {the class I teach} that night, but for the day we just hung out. Heidi played dollhouse a lot and I did laundry. Harrison ate, pooped, smiled, and slept. Daddy played golf and then came home and played with us :) It was a nice relaxing fun filled weekend and a great kick-off to summer fun ahead!

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