Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pool Time?

John took Heidi to school this morning for and it was crazy hair day. I had no idea how crazy to get, so we played it safe. Heidi is a play it safe kind of girl anyway, so it worked for both of us :) While Heidi was at school Harrison and I hung out. I had a million things to do, but I was glued to the TV watching the manhunt in Boston.

I called my dad to see what the pool temperature was for today. It was 77 degrees - sounds amazing right? So, I planned for all of us to go swimming after picking Heidi up for school. We got to my parent's house and Heidi played for a bit and then we changed into our swimsuits. Harrison laid in a crib. We put our feet in and it was freezing! Definitely did not feel like 77 degrees to me. Since it was so cold we mainly just put our feet in and Heidi splashed around on the first couple of steps.

That was our day! John came over to my parents house for dinner and then we went home. I also wanted to share a few other pictures {I still need to share Easter don't I?} from Heidi's dance picture day and the fun way she wanted to watch a DVD while daddy watched the Masters.

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