Monday, March 25, 2013

Heidi's Date

Friday our little Goose had her very first "big" date night. Heidi got all dressed up and her date came to pick her up at the door with a little flower for her to wear. It was the cutest thing how Heidi tried so hard not to smile as I pinned the flower on her little sweater. Heidi's date picked her up at about 6PM because they had dinner plans at 6:30 and it was to be a night of dinner, dancing, and fun! I did manage to snap a little picture of Heidi with her very handsome date.

John took Heidi to a Father/Daughter dinner that was hosted by our church. There are not many pictures from the actual event because I believe Heidi took the camera and there are a ton of random shots. John was able to capture a few photos and videos on his cell phone though! John and Heidi had such an amazing time and both came back all smiles. They even brought me a cupcake! Poor little goose was not feeling 100%, but she still had so much fun. Apparently the best part was being able to dance with her cousin Georgia.

I was sort of jealous they were going out for a fun night. Something I have to admit is that I am very selfish with Heidi. I want to be there for every single thing, big or small, that Heidi is involved in. Missing out, or even thinking about missing out, on something makes me so sad. One example is that I have had in my head that I am going to be induced at 38 weeks which falls on Easter weekend. I was so upset about potentially missing out on Heidi hunting Easter eggs. I could not get it out of my head that I would be missing such a sweet memory with her while I was in the hospital. {Sidebar - I will not be missing out on any Easter celebrations}.

In general I am going to have to learn that there are going to be things in Heidi's life that I will not be able to be there for. There are dates and adventures Heidi will take that I am going to have to sit back and wait as she tells me all about what she just experienced. I am already picturing Heidi coming home after a night of fun and snuggling in the bed with me telling me all about her night. This was probably the first time I actually felt a little left out not being able to see the joy and fun Heidi had that night. As much as I want to smother and be part of everything Heidi is doing I have to realize there are things her daddy needs to be part of that I need to be out of the picture.

It is such a blessing that at Heidi's young age she is already learning what to look for in a husband. Having her daddy come to the door, pick her up, give her a flower, to treat her so special about the date - that is amazing. Starting at this age and continuing on {because Heidi has already been talking about how she is ready for another date} with John treating her like such a little lady is going to do great things for her self-esteem. Heidi will know what to look for in a man when it comes time. The standards are already being set so high for Heidi's future husband and I know that with this being shown to her so early she will not accept anything but the best when the time comes.

John attends a men's prayer breakfast at our church once a week and the guys were able to bring their daughters with them the most recent time. Heidi and I already had plans for that day and it was kind of early for her to be up so she missed out on that, but John said the message was great. They talked about making time for their daughters and how valuable a relationship is between and father and daughter. I could go on and on, but I won't. For now I leave you with some sweet dance moves by Heidi's Uncle Hubert. Just kidding. I don't think I have the video.....

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