Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heidi Jewell Update

I know I have been slack on blogging lately - nesting, de-cluttering, and a few other activities have been occupying my time lately. Maybe one day soon I will be able to become more constant at blogging. As I write I am watching Tangled for the millionth time in only a couple of days. Posts are floating in my head - Christmas, New Year Goals, Baby #3 Updates, and a few other events that have happened the past few months that I should blog about. I have been meaning to write this post and give an update on what Heidi has been up to lately.

  • For the past 6 months we have not worn diapers, pull-ups, or anything except big girl panties. Heidi is completely on the potty and even wears her panties at night time. I did not know the night time thing was such a big deal until people gave me crazy looks when I told them.
  • Heidi loves to use strange voices. I have been trying to get them on video - hilarious! Apparently I used to do this as a child as well.
  • Money does not last long if it is out in the open. Heidi will see it and say, "OOHH, money for my piggy bank!"
  • I am learning that Heidi can dress herself and I am not to help her unless asked. When putting on clothes she says, "Tag in back".
  • Right now Heidi is playing in her room. Alone. Without me. This is huge and it has been happening a lot lately. I cannot believe the independence she is gaining.
  • No weaning yet. Yes, Heidi is 2 and a half and still nursing and we have no problem with that at all. It is mainly at night and sometimes in the morning. I think the morning is being dropped, but not the night time nursing.
  • We still have the "family bed". Not sure when Heidi will want to sleep in her own room. We ask her and she just does not want to sleep by herself. No worries here.
  • We call Heidi our little "jumping bean" because she is constantly jumping. Each night she would come home and throw the couch cushions on the floor and jump. Good thing she got a little trampoline for Christmas!
  • Nurturing and motherly would be two great words to describe Heidi. She loves all of her baby dolls and pushed them around in a grocery cart. They also sleep in the bed with us...
  • Heidi stuffs all of the dolls under the covers so that "Swipper not take them". Swipper the Fox from Dora. We no longer watch Dora. That does not break my heart at all....
  • Painting toe and finger nails is such a favorite. I think she does it each night and morning. She does it herself - its the cheap kind that shows up clear and basically just peels right off, but she loves it!
  • Everyday Heidi has to put her jewelry on - she says she is beautiful with it on. We make sure to tell her that she is always beautiful.
  • When we ask her what she wants to drink it is always "water and milk". Heidi must take after me because when I go places I usually order a water and something else.
  • Each night daddy reads Heidi and story and then we say prayers and then she gives sugar.

That's all for now! Motherhood duty calls and I could not be happier to answer it :)

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FairTaxMom said...

What fun! I'm so pleased to hear you're such an "attached" mama. It's always exciting when I discover a friend shares some of my parenting philosophies. I'm so proud of you for nursing Heidi as long as her heart desires. I thought the doctors were discouraging that because of the preterm labor risks or some such stuff. Good for you! We have a family bed, too, although the older two girls now share a bed of their own. Heidi is at such a fun age. I hope you do manage to catch some of the funny voices on tape. That sounds hilarious!

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