Friday, December 21, 2012

24 Weeks

How Far Along?: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain?: To be honest I do not know, I try not to look at the numbers. I am just assuring myself that I get bigger with boys. Plus I just get big during pregnancy. So do my mom and sister. Sometimes you just have to roll with genetics. I'm not even sure if it is genetics, but I am going to claim that it is and blame it on that.
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, it helps my comfort level. I have had the same maternity clothes for all of my pregnancies with a few extras from  family and friends {thanks!}. Occasionally I will buy something, but it gives me a break from my regular winter wardrobe, which I have also not really purchased anything new because I want to be at the size I want before buying new clothes. I actually just boxed up a ton of clothes so to donate so I will have to buy new clothes for next year.

Sleep?: It is a little better. Heidi likes to sleep curled up next to me and lay on my arm. I go to be at 8:30ish with Heidi and I need to go to sleep that early because I get little consecutive sleep. I wake up earlier though which is nice.
Best Moment This Month?: As always my doctor appointments are reassuring. I love going and hearing the heartbeat.
Movement?: Yep!
Body Changes/Labor Signs?: Contractions every so often...nothing major.
Belly Button?: Normal.
What I Miss: Nothing so far.
What I Am Looking Forward To: I think we all know the answer to this one :)

My doctor appointment went great! I actually saw Beverly this time, and if you remember my history this was something I would have preferred not to do. Not her personally, but she was the NP in the room when the heartbeat could not be found. The strange thing, and I do not know why I have never put this together before, is that her last name is Hudson. So, I am sitting in the room alone crying {because I cry all of the time these days and I am still not over the Sandy Hook shootings} and I see the doppler on the table with her last name Hudson on it. What a sign, right? I was sitting there crying over all of the sadness in the world and here sits my sign reminding me that at one time I was in such a devastating world of grief, but I, sitting in the lap of God, overcame that dark place. It is the same dark place I was crying over, the dark grief that the families in Newtown are in right now, that I was crying over. My sign gave me reassurance that these families too will find their way out of the storm.

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Rebecca Howard Doty said...

Very sweet post, friend. Love ya'll. Can't wait to meet that little guy!

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