Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins, Wedding, & Strep Throat

Heidi went to pick out our family pumpkins! It was the cutest thing ever, Heidi was running around like a crazy child! I think she tried to pick up every single pumpkin that was out there. It was too late on Friday night to decorate, so we set it for later in the weekend.

Saturday Heidi and I had a lazy morning. While she napped I went through her closet and cleaned out the summer clothes and ones that are too small. By the time she got up John was home and then I took a shower to get ready for a wedding we were heading to that night. Heidi went to play with her cousins and had a great time while John and I enjoyed our evening out.

Sunday I knew I could no longer fight the inevitable - strep throat. I did not want me being sick stop the pumpkin decorating so we let Heidi decorate at least one of the little guys before I headed to the doctor and dropped her off at my parents for the night.

For now I am catching up on writing and reading blogs as well as plotting my next move in a battle I have been having with a photographer from Myrtle Beach - ugh...

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