Monday, October 22, 2012

A Party & A Festival

Saturday we had a busy day! Daddy went into work while Heidi and I got up to go to Dane's 3rd birthday party. It was held at Jump-n-Jacks and was the perfect place for a party! Dane gave Heidi a little card to play some games in the arcade areas and she had such a great time! When she wanted to play a game she would say, "can I have my card please?" It was cute, but it kind of sounded like a teenager with an attitude asking for the keys to the car - ha!

After the arcade we played in the jump houses - yes, we. One day I won't have to climb up to slide or stand in the houses trying to keep my balance while children jump around me.

Jumping was great - then it was pizza and cake time! Always such a favorite! The kids thoroughly enjoyed their pizza and cake! Heidi had to sit next to Dillon - she adores Dillon. I think Dillon enjoyed Heidi sitting next to her because we kept giving her part of her pizza crust. Dillon had a huge smile on her face when she was ready for some more of the delicious crust :)

Once the party was over Heidi and I went home to take a little nap before meeting up with Daddy at the Seafood Festival. When Heidi woke up we got ready to go park at my parent's house and then walk with everyone over to the festival. Our first stop at the festival was the little carnival area. John was determined to win a prize for Heidi this year - and he did! Heidi loved putting the money in the game and kept asking for more money! We went to the skee ball area and he won Heidi a little bear. Next she went to pull a duck out of the pond and she got to pick out a prize which was a blow up guitar.

After the carnival area we went to the playground where Heidi play for such a long time. I was able to chat with a few old friends while Heidi and Daddy played around on the slides. Next it was time for some yummy seafood! Heidi absolutely LOVES shrimp. Seriously. If you ask her what she wants for dinner 99% of the time her answer is shrimp. We headed to the craft area while we waited on my dad to meet up with us. Once he got there we got our dinner and then headed to the outdoor picnic tables to eat our delicious fresh shrimp! I had to get a funnel cake as well :)

Next we headed home and then our sweet little shrimp loving child went to sleep! Sunday we woke up and head to church , then lunch, and then home for a relaxing family Sunday.

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