Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We Are Expecting!

Originally Written: August 7, 2012
The past week I have been utterly exhausted - going to bed around 8:30 with Heidi has been an absolute pleasure. I had a gut feeling what it meant, but I did not want to get myself too wrapped up thinking of the possibilities. So, I just enjoyed my early night caps while letting the DVR max out. Today was the day I knew I could not wait any longer to see if my prediction was correct. And it was! This morning at approximately 7:30AM I discovered the first sign that Henninger baby #3 would be making a debut in April! The calculated date is April 12, but I am thinking it will be March 28th, which, if you have been following me long you might remember that was Hudson's due date. So I already know that this pregnancy is going be falling just about the same track as Hudson's {about 2 weeks off}, which might make it even more difficult going through another pregnancy.

The first words out of my mouth when I saw the results pop up {almost immediately} were "Thank you Jesus". I could not stop smiling. Then I got in the shower {which this is the same routine I took when I found out I was pregnant with Heidi} and then started getting even more excited - then the fears started to set in.

Are we ready for another? Will I lose this child too? What have we done? How will this effect Heidi? Will this baby be healthy?

Questions I thought I knew the answer to before we decided we were ready for another one. I had to shake my head and cast away the fears by saying out loud that I firmly put all my trust in Jesus and that this baby was going to be perfect just like Heidi.

I called Dr. Odom's office as soon as they opened and then went in to take a few blood tests and they will call me tomorrow with the numbers and then I will go again on Thursday {Aug. 9th} for another set of tests. I do not know which is harder for me...waiting to get pregnant {which I know it seems like I am impatient, but I really am not - we have been preparing for over a year now} waiting to find out the early tests, or waiting the 9 months for the little one to be ready to come out! All of it has me in a bundle of nerves, that is for sure.

I started panicking because I know what Heidi means to us and how much we love her. We are her world and she is ours. We are about to completely rock her world by adding in another baby. I think that with her being almost 3 it should not be too bad. It all just makes me nervous. I know that your love grows and blah blah - that you don't love one more than the other, etc. It will all work out, but while you're in the moment, when it hasn't happened yet, it puts you in such a bundle of emotions. As if on cue this was posted today and while it is all stuff everyone tells you when you have fear of bringing that 2nd baby home its still nice to see.

Its crazy to think that we will be having our third baby soon. I sure wish Hudson was here to play with his siblings...

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