Saturday, August 11, 2012


Yesterday I kept thinking, "This is the worst day ever". It was such a stupid thought because although many things throughout the day kept annoying me it was definitely not my worst day. Lines were crazy long everywhere and my insurance company irritated me. I think it was mainly the insurance thing. We are a family that rarely gets sick {honestly I think John has gone to a Dr once in the 11 years we have dated} so we signed up for a lower paying fee with a higher deductible, a very smart move. That is, until you actually have to get what you would deem simple medications. At first insurance was not even going to accept the medicine {and not go towards our massive deducible} and it would cost $112 so we had that taken care of and I was looking forward to only paying $16 like I had in the past. Oh but no, it was still $98. Ugh.

It just put me a in a down mood. John called shortly after, something to do with my facebook status {letting people know I was not a fan of the day} and I told him that it was so frustrating that we have to pay so much for something when other people can do the same thing without having to pay all this money or take all these medicines. Prepping my body for something probably costs more than a person's entire pregnancy and delivery.

After I had my pity party I started thinking that my costs were not near as much as so many women I know that are taking multiple fertility treatments and other medicines that are not even covered my insurance company. I wanted to feel sorry for myself and think that my situation was just so awful, but yet again God reminds me that there are others that are going through more than me.

Sometimes I wish that everyone could see life that way. Complain for a minute because I think we all have our own issues that are frustrating, but then after you finish just remember that there are others worse than you right now. Then pray for them. They need our prayers because there might not be anyone out there praying for them.

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