Friday, July 6, 2012

Vegas - Day 2

I woke up early on our first Vegas morning and went to a run. I had no idea where it was safe to run so I decided that I would just run along the street where all the casinos were located. It was public and contained enough and I knew where I was. The last thing I wanted to happen was to run along a route and get lost or kidnapped. I had my iPod, but I made sure to only have a headphone in one ear so that I could listen out for someone trying to kidnap me. I know; I am so paranoid. So ran up and down the street a couple of times and then went back up to the room. There was only one other runner and then there was a lady who was dressed like she was running, but each time I saw her she was taking pictures of herself.

After going upstairs I took a shower and got ready while John was still sleeping. We met up with Rebekah and Brad and went to breakfast. Ah! I love breakfast! We ate at the 4Queens and I had an amazing pancake breakfast – so yummy! After breakfast we went to the Golden Nugget to have a Craps lesson. This has always been such a fascinating game and we wanted to learn! The dealers there were so friendly and we learned and played a little.
Rebekah & Brad

Next we walked around Fremont St. for a little and then decided to head to the Strip – or “New Vegas” as some call it. We had tickets to a CSI crime scene adventure and wanted to make sure we were there in time. The taxi ride to the strip was fast and we went straight to the MGM where our event was to be held. The crime scene was fun! We had a list of things we had to do – take notes of the crime scene, toxicology, autopsy, and other things. Of course we solved the case :)

Learning to play Craps 
 Apparently they are missing cupid...

After our fun we went for a walk down the strip – went to M&M World and a few of the casinos. It was so hot – so so hot. I think if we had known we could go to the CSI thing any time during the day we would have gone at night time.

After walking we took a taxi back to our hotel and then continued our fun! First we went to our rooms to rest. John said he was going to fall asleep if we rested any longer so he and I headed to the poker room to play cards. I grew tired of playing after a while and went to watch the Craps game. Earlier Brad pointed out a guy and said it was T.J. Coultier {a famous poker player} and he was at the Craps table so I stood by him. I was standing there for a few minutes when they asked for my ID {seriously…again} and John was holding it so I had to go get it. I got it and then T.J laughed. We started talking and he asked if I played cards and he said, “I’ve been known to play a little bit – I’m in the hall of fame”. He was there to play in the World Series of Poker even that was starting on Sunday.

It was going to be John’s birthday soon so we wanted to make sure and celebrate when it turned midnight. So, we headed back to our hotel and Brad sat us all down at the blackjack table. This is another game that has always intimidated me, but we ended up playing there for a long time and it was so much fun! John ended up doing very well. We stayed up pretty late and then headed to bed!

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