Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Andrea's Shower

Happy shower day Wyatt! Today {Saturday} we showered Andrea with goodies for sweet baby Wyatt. Andrea's friends threw the shower at "What's the Scoop" which is a YUMMY place to eat! Andrea and I went to VSU together and she met and married a guy I went to high school with - worlds colliding!

Lyndsey & Holly

Andrea and a few of her gifts!

Winning at BINGO - not really, but enjoying baby BINGO!

Ladies Who Lunch :)

Andrea and her wonderful hostesses!


Love these ladies!

After the shower I headed to church - wait BEFORE the shower I dropped my sister's dogs off at her house. Let me say I was not sad to drop them off at all. So - now they are back in their home after their week at my house. After dropping the dogs off it was shower time and then I went to church! Have I mentioned how much I love Saturday night services? After church I headed home to play the waiting game. Heidi was coming home! My parents were on their way back from Destin {they had taken Heidi and 3 of her cousins for the week} and boy, do they drive S.L.O.W., seriously. I think I could have driven to Destin and back. Well, regardless Heidi made it home and John and I were so happy to finally have our baby girl home! Heidi had a great time with her cousins, but she was so happy to be in her mama's arms! Luckily we have no more vacation plans that include being separated from Heidi - so yay! Only one more vacation plan for the year left - then its boresville. Not really, but I love being on vacation....

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