Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

I had a huge weekend - a very busy Saturday - planned out, but it failed. The shocker? I am okay with that :) I guess the falling out started on Thursday when I was driving home from dance class.

**sidenote**I could not find my regular CD's for class so I had to bust out the old ones. I mean OLD, well, not that old because they are from like 10 years ago. I was looking through the case of CDs and seriously, I have the strangest collection of music. To name a few - Broadway Favorites, NSYNC, Backstreet, Britney, The Kelly Family {bet you have no idea..}, DC Talk, Bon Jovi, Missy Elliot, a few random CDs I burned...yeah it was an interesting class to say the least.

On the way home from class {as I was jamming out to my CDs - where I learned I still know every word to every song on Jagged Little Pill} I started thinking about my schedule for Saturday. I had signed up to run in the Rock-n-Roll marathon for the half. I did this months ago and I never got to train. I kept thinking I would, but I never got to with the way our schedules worked. So, I was definitely not prepared. Not only that, but I had a wedding to be at that started at 5 PM which was about 3 hours away. When I got home I told John and he kind of agreed with me to maybe not run. 

Friday I packed Heidi and Hunter's things up to go to my parents - thinking I might still run. Friday afternoon I went to pick up my packet and holy moly - it was crazy! People were everywhere and it took me hours to get to a place that normal took 20 minutes. I guess when 27,000 people are running in one race it will get crowded! That was kind of my tipping point to leaning towards not going. I knew that with the shuttle situation that I would not be able to make it in time to the wedding. So, I decided to enjoy my night off as mom {Heidi and Hunter stayed at my parents} and sleep in :) My cousin and his wife did come over that night to stay because they were running the race. I was tempted to give Alicia my chip to "run for me".

Saturday I woke up thinking I needed to let Hunter out. Wow. The house was so quiet. Not a fan at all of the quietness. I did hang out by myself for a bit and then I got ready to leave for the wedding in Douglas. I jammed out the whole way screaming Hanson and a few other favorites. The wedding was for one of my sweet sorority sisters Katherine. Its actually quite funny - a few years ago we had our ADPi 50th celebration and Katherine had brought Jess with her. I think she had only known him for a couple of months and she wasn't even sure why she brought him. I guess it went up from there! They really are such a sweet couple and I am so excited for them! Here are some pictures from the night!

The sweet couple
 Jemina, Emily, Katherine, and me
 Me, Em, and Jem
ADPi Diamond
 ADPi Ladies

 So I love when people that I may or may not know tell me they read my blog {its so cool!!} and in the picture is a friend's wife that I met at the wedding. Parks {my friend - John's fraternity brother} posted his wife's blog on facebook one day so I started reading it. Its funny - she sat next to me at the church and I said "Hi, I'm Kimberly - I read your blog." You should check out Ashley at Splash of Ashley.
Now I am home and taking care of a poor sick little one - oh, and myself and husband as well. We all have a little cold :( I hate being sick, but I really hate for Heidi to be sick - such a helpless feeling.

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Caroline said...

Beautiful pics & saying prayers everyone gets better soon.

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