Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heidi - 17 Months

Heidi - you are now 17 months!
*photos by Molly Elizabeth Morris Photography*

You say "please" when you want something and "thank you" after we give you something, or really after just about everything :) "Thank you" is your new favorite phrase.

You love to help out in anyway that you can - closing doors, feeding Hunter, taking your things to your room, taking my shoes to the closet. Sometimes its like free slave labor - ha!
You fold your hands right before dinner so that we can say the blessing. In fact we were someplace where the people we were with did not say the blessing and you looked at me with your hands folded with a strange look on your face.
I think you are starting to show interest in the potty - not necessarily you going potty, but with the toilet.
You take items to the trash when they are "all done".
Your favorite theme song is from A.N.T Farm - doooo-do do

You love to talk on the phone to whoever mama or daddy has on the other line. You really just want to hold the phone and laugh.
You had such a fun time trick-or-treating!

Things you are taking an interest in: counting, ABC's, all your animal sounds
You love to be involved in everything we are doing.

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