Monday, August 8, 2011


- I think we're on the mend from the teething. Heidi has been in a much better mood. Sleeping is much better. Hopefully we'll start working on the crib again tomorrow.
- I have been sucked in to the worst show in history - Bachelor Pad. Why? Why do I love trash tv like this?
- We're taking a trip to Charlotte, NC in the near future. Anyone have any recommendations? We're visiting John's sister and her hubby.
- Work is going well. I am on a mission to sell a couple of cars to pay for a trip I want to take in a few months.
- Hubs has been working extremely hard at work; I am super proud of him :)
- We had a friend start a cleaning business and we hired them to come a couple of weeks ago. I will write a post all about it. I will say that it was so nice to come home to a spankin' clean house!!
- We bought Heidi a new carseat. Our little girl is growing up. *sniff* I hope she loves it! I hope to install it tomorrow and then have it checked out during lunch. So many carseats are not installed properly...

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Ruth said...

I just can't believe that you would watch "bachelor pad".....I prefer the Real Housewives of Orange County myself! ;)
Sometimes the brainless tv fills some sort of need, I think. At least that's what I tell myself...

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