Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heidi - 14 Months

Heidi - you are 14 months!

{well, actually, I am 2 weeks late in this post}

- You are wearing 12-18 months and 12 months clothes.

- You love to pull clothes out of your drawers.

- You love to hide objects or "place" them in your favorite spots.

{like my keys you put in the recycling bin}

- Some words: up, down, sit, dog, meow, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, no, done, dada, mama, bubba

- You can get off the couch with hardly any assistance.

- You love the stairs and are pretty good at climbing and getting down.

- Books are a favorite!

- You love to bring a toy or something and back up to sit in our lap.

- You are still nursing.

- You love fruit! Especially watermelon. We still have not found anything you do not enjoy.

- You love to dance and pick your feet up really fast - like you are jogging in place.

- Outside is a favorite place to be.

- You are now in your rear-facing big girl car seat.


Caroline said...

So cute and getting so big. Great pics.

Carly said...

SO cute!!! Love the pics!

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