Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heidi - 13 Months

Heidi - today you are 13 months!

What have you been up to?- You are officially walking this month - as of June 19. You started walking/running and have not stopped! Its so much easier sometimes now that you are walking because you can follow me everywhere or go where you want to go!

- This month you went to the beach for the very first time and you loved it!! I am so happy you aren't scared of many things - you love new experiences.- You're new favorite word to say is "bubba" because we sometimes refer to Hunter as Bubba. You wake up saying it and looking for him!

- You are wearing 12-18 month and 18 month clothes right now. You seem to be falling right on track with all of the clothing sizes. Luckily your Grandmother is an excellent seamstress so we have plenty of outfits made just to fit you perfectly :)

- Eating is easy - you love to eat :) You are still breastfeeding/nursing, but I have stopped pumping at work. So, during the days when I am not with you whole milk is your new beverage. Milk and water :) You love ice water and you also love to eat crushed ice. Oh, and little pop-ice things!- You and Hunter are finally interacting more, mainly because you are walking. You have always love him, but not you can run up to him to play or shout "bubba!" He is learning that you are a great food source, so he stays close to you when its time to eat :)- You love attention. Kind of like your mom when she was younger (because now I hate it) and you will smile so big at people when they are looking at you. You love to dance too!

- I am not sure how sharing is going to work yet, but we are working on it so that you will share with others. You do love to share your food with us a pretend to feed us.- We are still a co-sleeping family, but we have slowly started working on the crib again. You aren't screaming anymore and sleeping in it a little - baby steps :)

- You still love baby dolls and all your stuffed animals!

Next month I will be able to write more because I will post it on time!! HA!

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