Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bad Day

Have you ever just had "one of those" days? Last week I had one - a major one. I think it was Tuesday. The morning started out great and I was actually going to be early for work! I called up to the groomers to see if they had any openings that day for Hunter to be groomed and they did. I really thought the day was going to be absolutely perfect judging it solely by the first hour I was awake. On the way out Heidi was playing with my keys and I was trying to get her in her car seat while she mashed the buttons. I took my car key, house key, and the little clicker thing off the key chain and let her play with the rest. From there I started the car so that I could go back inside to grab Hunter and lock the house door. I grabbed Hunter, locked the door and headed back to the car - the locked car.

How did this happen?

Oh yes, the little angel playing with the buttons and mommy did not check after her.

At least the car was running.

I ran inside, called Pop-A-Lock and told them what was going on and they were sending someone out immediately. When I heard immediately of course I instantly think someone is going to show up within 1 second, right? Nope, 30 minutes.

At least the car was running...

I wait and wait and call the dispatcher several times checking on the status of the guy in route. Meanwhile I am trying to entertain a child who clearly would rather be in the hot sun with me than in the nice cool running car - she is crying and seriously upset. It would make it worse if she saw my face, but it made it worse for me not to see her face.

At least the car was running...

Finally the pop-a-lock guy made it. He was so nice and instantly got to work and Heidi was out of that seat within seconds! She was still upset and very confused :( Did you know that Pop-A-Lock will unlock your car free of charge if a child is in it? Good information to know! I had no idea - I would have paid thousands...or sold my soul.

After the drama I took Heidi inside who was still sobbing every-so-often. Pitiful, really. Of course I am no longer on time for work or the groomers, but that was not a big deal. I rallied the troops again and we headed on our way.

At some point in the day I had to get a Blizzard because I was so frazzled.

I kept saying - this has been the worst day ever. I started thinking about what a bad day might be to others. You know like tornadoes crashing homes, tsunamis, hurricanes, losing a loved one, etc. I couldn't believe I was saying it was my worst day when clearly I had my worst day years ago. I couldn't believe that I was even complaining at all about my day - in fact it might of had a few bumps in the road, but it was a good day. As much as we all complain and use phrases like "worst day ever", "epic fail", or what have you, we really should be thankful some of those "bad days" aren't really so bad after all...

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Carly said...

Oh my gosh, how scary. So glad it was over relatively quickly, although I'm sure not quickly enough for you. I know what you mean, whenever I feel like complaining about something, I think...this is not bad, I know bad. Still, we are entitled to a dq blizzard and those bad day feelings.

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