Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heidi's Dedication

Today we had a special ceremony by the lake at our church to dedicate Heidi. The dress Heidi wore was worn by my sister, me, and my 3 nieces on my side of the family - Emily, Olivia, and Georgia. I grew up in a Methodist church and John grew up in a Catholic church, but now we attend Savannah Christian Church. As children John and I were both baptised as infants (I chose to be Baptised "again" in 5th grade). At the church we attend now they have dedication services (they have one in January and one in June for all babies) where parents, church members, and family members promise to raise their children in the church and with God in their lives. When the children are older they may then decide, on their own accord, to be baptised. Our entire immediate family was able to be here for this very special day. It really was perfect. The day was special in itself because exactly one year ago is when we found out we were expecting Heidi - and the day I already promised her to God, sort of like Hannah. Lyle led the ceremony which was extra special as well; he also led Hudson's funeral. John and I are so blessed to be surrounded by a family full of believers. We are so blessed to have been raised in good Christian homes and to never really have the struggle of knowing if God really existed or not. I do not know how we would have made it through the past 21 months had we not been believers in God's plan and His will. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to dedicate Heidi to a world of knowing God. It really is such a responsibility. We are told to put God first in our lives, next our spouse, and then our children. Sometimes it is so hard to put everything in that order. I know I am guilty of letting Heidi consume my every thought and all of my energy. I am still trying to find the balance of life. Putting things in the proper order will lead to a better future for all of us and will help to ensure Heidi has a wonderful relationship with God as well as her family. I guess you have to look at what you do now in how it will effect the "bigger picture" in the long run. (**Pictures of Dedication by Rebecca)
Family saying a prayer over Heidi
Laying hands on Heidi
Heidi's Grandparents
The Kirkland side of the family
The Henninger side of the family
Later in the afternoon we headed to the Seafood Festival. Heidi seemed to enjoy herself until the end when it was time for bed and it started getting dark. She had such a long day! Sunday we went to church and then later had lunch at my mom's house.

Olivia riding the rides

Family at the Seafood Festival


croleyc69 said...

Beautiful !! So nice everyone could come for that special moment.


Holly said...

Dedication is such a wonderful event. :)

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