Monday, August 30, 2010

Project 365 - Day 198

I had to go out to the trashcan for this picture! John went to pick up a few snack items for our Bible study group meeting at our house tonight and he came home with groceries in paper bags. I really cannot recall the last time I saw a paper bag. I do remember there was a time when you were asked "paper or plastic?" and you had a choice. Now its all plastic bags. I wonder if they're bringing the paper back? It also made me remember when people would cover their school books in paper bags. When we were first told to cover our books my mom made me book covers made out of scrap material. I didn't care of course at first, but then all the "cool kids" had their paper book covers and of course I HAD to have the paper as well, but I used my homemade covers. A little nerd like me needed to score some cool points some how! I really just wanted to be able to doodle on my books like everyone else...


tomandcheryl said...

Ooo, I would have loved to have my books covered with material. That is cool to me.
My dad always gets paper when he shops and around here (in Central Ohio) they ask paper or plastic. I get plastic though so I can use them to pick up dog poop. I don't think it matters anymore b/c you can recycle the plastic bags now too.

Holly said...

We used to cover our books in the brown sacks. Then the cool cloth covers came out and my sister and I wanted those lol

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