Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recital 2010

Recital was last night and the girls did an amazing job! I was/am so proud of them! I wish I had recorded the evening performance, but I at least have the matinee one - the evening performance was more amazing. So remember the LOSER post? Well, apparently I am not a loser after all. It was mentioned by a little birdie that I was a little upset with the non-recognition and it was announced on stage - as well as the other ones that helped with the recital. I was in the audience and had to walk up to the stage, but it was nice to be recognized. The dance studio teacher (whom I danced for 15 years under) apologized for not adding it and also mentioned that she never does. I, unfortunately, have a psychotic memory and remember when choreographer's names were listed under their dances.

These girls have worked incredibly hard this year and I can see how much improvement there has been just by watching them throughout the recital. They range from ages 13-17 so and there is a wide variety of technique and experience. Sometimes it can be challenging making sure you showcase each individualist talent but still making the group work and look good together. It can be difficult to make sure everyone is challenged in some level, but hopefully the girls felt challenged and they learned something this year. Considering I have not taught a dance class in 8-9 years and I have not choreographed anything in about 6 years they were a great group of girls to "break me in" again.

I have so much in store for these girls for next year and I am so excited! It will be nice to have a break for the next few months - everyone gets burnt out at some point. BG will be out in the world and I will be able to demonstrate exactly what steps should look like in dances and be able to dance more and not look like an Umpaloompa when on the floor rolling around. I really cannot say enough how proud I am of them and I hope to see them all again next year. I will miss Hannah, our lone senior, but she will be off doing great things of her own at college :)

Below are the dances. The first is from the end of the opening number - edited version of Thriller. The second is from the Kings of Leon song Closer and the last is Fever - scratch that...I have tried for 24 hours to get the videos to post and they won't!! UGH! Anyways - I will find a way or the patience to try again later :)

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Toni C said...

Cute! Made me wanna dance...

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