Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 365 - Day 113

Today my parents invited their small group to their place on the river for a cookout, boating and social time. My mom had told me about it at some point during the week and its a miracle I even thought about it! I had to decide between either cleaning the house or taking Hunter for a fun adventure to run around at the river...tough choice, right? So around noon time I packed up and we headed to the river! Hunter LOVES to run free around this place. He wears himself out completely exploring everywhere.

On the way there I sent John a text message of Hunter sitting in the back seat and said, "we're goin' on a trip! to be continued..." and he replied by asking where we were going. I told him that I would tell him in pictures. When we were off the interstate I took another picture of Hunter and wrote "almost there!". Once we arrived I let Hunter out of the car and then he ran around and the look on the faces of those outside was priceless. They thought some wild dog had run up on their party. Apparently my mom shot up so fast in the picnic house and scared everyone. Then my dad realized it was Hunter and called his name and Hunter went running up to him. My dad loves Hunter - he really wants another dog, but they are going to wait for awhile before getting one.

I sent John a text message with a picture of Hunter with the picnic house in the background and said, "we're here!!". I think he was a little nervous because he asked if I was there alone. John has been a little nervous these days making sure he knows where I am. He wants to make sure I will have a way to get to the hospital when the time comes. John told me that the only reason he has for having an induction would be so that it would be planned and we could be together knowing the time was about to come when I would need to get to the hospital. He's a little nervous dad right now. So sweet. I guess because I was only at the hospital for such a short moment before Hudson was born he wants to make sure we leave in time!

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