Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shower & Wedding

Saturday was a busy busy day! I left early in the morning to head to Griffin for Christine's (and Ansley's) baby shower. It was held a a cute little restaurant called J. Henry's. The shower was hosted by Toby's aunts and grandmother - and wow they are hilarious!! I don't think I have been quite this entertained in awhile. I feel like I laughed for 3 solid hours. Christine is one of my friends from VSU - John and her husband Toby are fraternity brothers. We are so lucky to have remained close friends with the two of them. Their little girl will be named Ansley Ellyn.

After the shower I headed to Macon for Brooke and Jake's wedding. Before the wedding I was able to meet up with my friend Amanda - whom I have mentioned before (she painted the ADPi painting for BG's room and is my pledge sister) and we had a great time chatting for an hour or so! We met up at Chick-Fil-A.

Next stop - wedding time! Brooke and I were sorority sisters at VSU and we met because I did part of a 5th year in sorority. (Yes, I am a slacker and it took me longer than 4 years due to switching majors, cheering, working, and sorority life) Jake is one of John's fraternity brothers and we met him a year or so before Brooke when he pledged up Kappa Sigma.
I headed to the wedding and it was gorgeous! The church, the atmosphere, the bride! BG enjoyed the wedding as well :) I headed to the reception after the ceremony and was able to hang out with friends I haven't seen in quite sometime. Mostly I see them at weddings, VSU's Homecoming, events like that. Its going to be sad when everyone is married...good thing for facebook! I guess we'll actually have to start working on reunions at that point. Of course baby showers are the next "in" thing, but those only include part of the group!

The beautiful bride Brooke & I

Lindsey, Amanda & I

My new friend Emily - Blake's wife. Emily is a long time blog reader :)

ADPi's (and future ADPi BG) after singing to Brooke

Kappa Sigma after singing to Brooke


Jules said...

You look so cute pregnant! And I just love your friends name- Ansley Ellyn!

Ruth said...

I second that - you look wonderful!

With Out My Punkin said...

Adorable bump! You had a very busy day, sounds like a lot of fun!

Brooke Peterman said...

I just love you Kimberly! and your blog!.. I'm a long time reader like Emily! haha! Anyway, so happy you and BG were able to be at the wedding! Can't wait to meet her soon! Love you and praying for BG's arrival in just a few weeks!
PS- your camera takes great pictures!!!

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