Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bon Jovi!!

This is it - the moment I have been waiting for....BON JOVI in concert! John, my wonderful husband, bought me a few tickets for Christmas to see Bon Jovi. I love him - both Bon Jovi and my husband :) I asked my sister Vicki and my sister-in-law Tina to go on this fantastic adventure with me and we had a phenomenal time.

A funny little side note. My sister was supposed to see Bon Jovi in concert about 20 years ago (when I was a mere 8 years old), but the person who was supposed to get the tickets was not able. Vicki mourned in her room (which at the time she was going through the "dark" phase where curtains, bedspread, sheets - everything was black) for what seemed like 3 days. Crying her little heart out because she couldn't see the Jon Bon Jovi singing sensation. It is a funny memory I have of her.

My mom, Vicki, and I drove up to Atlanta together and we met up with Tina. Mom drove Vicki's car the rest of the way to my brother's house. With sisters in tow we headed to the concert. First we ate dinner - I of course needed to eat. We then headed into the arena where at 8PM one lady already had way too much to drink and was being escorted out of the building. We made it to our seats and the freakiest thing happened. As I climbed to my seat I hear my name called. Our friend Eden was sitting in the row right in front of us! How fun! We have not seen Eden in years - she lives in Atlanta with her husband and step-son, but really, how crazy is that?

We had a great time and I was so excited to finally be at his concert! We learned that some people will never get out of the '80's, Bon Jovi still has groupies with his matching tattoo, Atlanta cops are really nice (even if they do ask if you just swallowed a watermelon), drunk speech therapists will offer their services to your unborn child, you can test out the name you are using for your child on perfect strangers and no one will ever know, and strangers will tell you the secret rubbing paper towels through your hands (because the toilet paper is gone) so that it won't clog a toilet.

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Jill said...

Glad you had a great time! I have seen him in concert and it was amazing.

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