Saturday, April 17, 2010

BG's Shower & Girl's Weekend

This weekend in Atlanta my friends and family attended and hosted a shower for BG! I don't think I have ever mentioned it, but I suffer from "shower anxiety". Especially a baby shower at this point in my life. I become extremely nervous during showers because I want to make sure I am spending enough time with everyone equally. I also have a nervousness in making out a shower invite list because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not inviting (which its hard to remember who lives where and near where) or inviting someone that thinks "why on earth would they invite me?". Anyways, there was a lot of anxiety with the approaching shower.

My pregnancy timeline is about the same as where I was with Hudson when we were to have his baby shower in Atlanta. As you all know we did not have a shower because we were having a funeral. Kind of sets a different tone when thinking about having a shower for your second baby, right? I took my doppler with me just so I would be prepared. Things going through my head were thoughts like "what do I do with all of this stuff if I suddenly do not need it?". Those aren't the normal thoughts of an expectant mother, right? We all know by now that I am not the average pregnant woman :)

Freddie (37); Christine (34) Me (30)

2 of the Hostess - Mrs. Sherry & Kara

The other hostess - Katie

The shower was better than a dream! I was surrounded by family and friends - all of whom have been there in my life when times were both good and bad. These are ladies that were there when John and I got married, they were there when Hudson died, and they are still here for me today as I prepare for our first daughter. I really cannot tell you enough how blessed John and I are - it still amazes us. I cannot thank Katie, Kara, and Ms. Sherry for hosting the most beautiful shower and for all of our friends and family that attended. (Pictures from the event on are on a separate post...)

BG's Grandmothers

BG's Aunts

The entire weekend was just perfect. It started out with Bon Jovi! On Friday my mom, sister, and I went shopping where we found a perfect little trunk to use as BG's toy chest! We also had pedicures - Vicki's treat - and then had dinner back at Tres'. Saturday was shower day and then later I took a nap at home. We went to eat at a Japanese steak house; the same one we celebrates Tres' 40th birthday at in '08. Sunday we went to church and then packed up to head home. Olivia told me to never come back again as I snapped pictures of her tantrum :) Of course she didn't mean it - I am her favorite aunt!


Ruth said...

You look wonderful!

Holly said...

I'm glad the shower went well!!!

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