Saturday, February 20, 2010

365 - Day 7

Dining Room Tables - in the south they seem to be the centerpiece of all family and friend gatherings. When the meals are finished and the dished are cleared we still sit and gather at the table to continue the conversations. Kitchens and tables - I guess that is one of the reasons the south has food as a staple for any social gathering. Well, food and sweet tea of course. Tonight my cousins came over to my brother's house for dinner and we ate at the very table pictured below in Tres and Tina's dining room. A great place for visiting with family, warm conversations, and hearty full bellied laughs.


croleyc69 said...

I remember growing up at our house the dinner table was one place we were all together. Especially in the evening to sorta all talk about the day. I'm trying to still do that today but sometimes it's tough with all the busy things going on. Thanx for sharing.

Jules said...

I agree- It was a wonderful evening :) Like I told Tina, we need to start dinner at 4:00 next time so that it can last longer.

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