Monday, January 25, 2010


Today I was looking up information in regards to what I should do after having amniocentesis - if elected. I am to go home and rest. I also happened to see right above that information was a section of things to do beforehand. I think this is so strange that I never came across this site before. Well, it listed to drink plenty of water - "check" doing it constantly. It also mentioned not to take any aspirin products 5 days of the procedure and heparin within 24 hours. Hmm...problem, I am on both of those. How was I not notified? Why? I already know who to blame. I called over to the hospital and the receptionist said she would connect me to a genetics counselor. I prayed as fast I could that it wouldn't be "her" and then the voice - her voice came on the line. It was Ashley.

Me: "Hi, I am having an anatomy scan and amniocentesis tomorrow and I ran across an article that said I should not take any aspirin products within 5 days and heparin within 24 hours and I am on both and I needed to know what to do."

Ashley: "Sweetie (in a belittling ton) why are you having this procedure?"

Me: (the niceness went away because of her ton) "Well, sweetie, because I was told I needed to."

Ashley: "How far along are you?"

Me: "18 weeks - and the only reason I am asking is because I am on both medicines and I have not been contacted with this information and I wanted to check if it was true or if it was just one of those things you find on the internet that has no truth."

Ashley: "You should not take the heparin, but I have not heard that about the aspirin."

Me: (blood boiling) "Well, then why was I not informed about the heparin? I have not been given any information of what to do or not to do before and after this procedure."

Ashley: "What is your name?"

Me: "Kimberly Henninger"

Ashley: "Well, from what I recall you were on the border of decision for the amnio."

Me: (blood boiling even more now) "Right, and that was the purpose of this anatomy scan to decide if I would be having it. Wouldn't it make sense to give me the information I would need in order to prepare my body in the event that I have the procedure?"

Ashley: "Well, I guess I dropped the ball."

Me: "Um, yeah, ya did."

At the end she told me she would call me back on the aspirin. Another lady called me back; apparently Ashley did not want to speak to me. - I am sure.


Shannon said...

I hate nurses like that. The ones that give you a 'tude because they know so much more than you do and how dare you question them. You should have been PROMPTLY notified of the conflicting issues with a potential amnio, whether you had made the final decision or not.

Yeah, I'd say she dropped the ball. I wonder how many other times she's dropped the ball.

Holly said...

Oh I simply hate professional who act in the manner that she does. Makes me soooo angry!!!

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