Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Visit

This morning was our first visit to see the doctor. Dr. Odom was pleasantly surprised and seemed very eager to get us started on a new "therapy" to aide in our pregnancy. John, Dr. Odom and I went over my numbers again as well as the different parts of my body we need to focus on during pregnancy.

1 - Ovarian dysfunction (in ovulating)

2 - Insulin resistance

3 - Preconception cardio

4 - MTHFR (one mutation in me and one in John)

5 - LP(a) (a form of cholesterol)

Most of what we need to focus on would be vascular - dealing with my blood vessels.

On Sunday I am to retake all of my blood work to make sure the my numbers are doubling or increasing the way they should be. Then on Monday I will have the results and we will decide then what medicines we will add. Saturday we picked up progesterone supplements which I will take for about 10 weeks. I am already taking Ultra-Cal Night (a vitamin), baby aspirin (blood flow), prenatal vitamins (the baby), and metformin (insulin resistance). On Monday we will add a prescription folic acid (due to the mutations) and we have three other medicines that we need to make a decision as to whether we will take them.

The first medicine is a hGC hormone injection which is to aid in the development in the uterus. The next is Plaquenil which is a drug used for malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. This medicine would also be an injection and helps with the development of the placenta. The final medicine is

John and I know that our doctor would not suggest us taking these medicines if he didn't believe they were for a purpose. He has been using these same treatments in women for years. We know that Dr. Odom is a believer in God and prayer and we also know that he prays over all of his patients. It's nice to know our baby will be covered in so much prayer - actually right now people are just praying for us, not knowing that we are expecting since the post will be published after we tell everyone =)

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