Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anaheim, CA - Day 3

This morning John and I woke up early for the non-mandatory volunteer event. It was called Operation Gratitude and is an organization that makes care packages for our troops over-seas. Please click on the link to visit and see what you can do to help if you are able to!

John making his care packages
Savannah Volunteers

After our volunteer event we hit the parks - Disneyland and California Adventures that is! We had a fantastic time together and John and I rode our first roller coaster together! Can you believe that we had never been on one together until this day? Amazing..

During the night we had a dinner to go to - sort of an awards dinner. We listened to the CEO Brian Dunn speak about the company, watched a slide show, ate dinner, and enjoyed the award show. John's store all decided to dress alike in black in pink...

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