Saturday, November 1, 2008

Toni & Brent's Wedding

Tonight was GA/FL - but instead of watching the game I was at Toni and Brent's wedding - yay! I have been so excited; as much as I love football I LOVE my friend's weddings so much more. I had to go shopping to buy a new dress because baby bump H is growing so fast! I did find a cute little black dress that was perfect! *Photo to left by Donna Von Bruening*

Toni and Brent had a full military dress wedding - it was gorgeous and I absolutely thought it was amazing. The church was spectacular and the reception was gorgeous. John had to work, so me and little Baby H headed to the wedding ourselves. Once at the reception I was able to sit with Cindy and her boyfriend, a girl that I have met before Kristen and her husband (who recently found out they are expecting!) and another girl and her boyfriend. We had such a wonderful time and enjoyed every moment of the wedding!

After the wedding I went to my friend Danielle's house where they had been watching the GA/FL game - they weren't too happy because apparently UF slaughtered UGA. Then I went home and went to bed - John and I are ready to get this week started because we find out if we are having a Henninger boy or girl!!

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