Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wedding - Lance & Stacy

This weekend we went to Warner Robins for Lance and Stacy's wedding - remember we went to their bachelor/ette party in Gatlinburg?? It was such a fun time! I really enjoy getting to see all of our friends at all of these events. We got into town on Friday and checked into the hotel - we were bunking with Toby and Christine for the weekend. John and I waited for everyone to finish up with their rehearsal dinner stuff and then we all went out for the night.

Saturday morning Christine and I threw Stacy's bridal shower for her and all of her bridesmaids. After the shower we went back to the hotel to start getting ready for the wedding. Christine and I were put in charge of making sure everyone got down the aisle and then in charge of getting candles lit in the reception area. The wedding was beautiful even though someone forgot the rings and they had to be passed down the groomsmen =)
The reception was so much fun and we had a blast! Lance and Stacy left that night and will be taking their honeymoon to Jamaica a little later - I think....

Afterwards we went out and some girl had a little too much to drink at the bar and puked on my arm and the floor. It was gross...apparently she worked there too and just left the puke.

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