Thursday, October 18, 2007

1st Trip to Pittsburgh!

We just got back from a trip to Pittsburgh, PA. All of John's extended family (on his dad's side) live up in that area. I had never been up there so it was a new experience for me! We stayed at his Aunt Kathy and Uncle John's house in his cousin Jess's room. She has the best room ever! We flew up there just for a few days and at the time his uncles and aunts were going through things in his grandparents' house because they have moved to a nursing home and retirement home. We found so many cool things in their house - including a newspaper article from when the first man landed on the moon - our wedding anniversary! Amazing how many cool newspapers his grandmother saved. In the basement all of the kids (John's dad, aunts, and uncles) had their sleds hung on the wall - they were adorable!

I spent most of the time scanning pictures of John's family to add to our family scrapbook - I love to have pictures of the family! Also while we were there we went to visit John's grandpap at his new retirement home. He was so funny scooting around everywhere and enjoying his new home. We also went to see John's grandmother who is in a health and rehab center. She has become ill with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's recently and it is a great place for her to have constant care.

I enjoyed my first trip to PA and hopefully we will get to stay longer next time! We had to make this one short because we have to get back into GA for Lance and Stacy's wedding!

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