Monday, September 24, 2007

Trip to Gatlinburg

This weekend we drove up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We left around 1PM and traveled through South Carolina, North Carolina, and straight up into the Smokey Mountains. It was beautiful! We were barely into the mountains when we decided we wanted to visit again =) We made a couple of stops on the way - one to eat at a McDonald's on I-26 in South Carolina and then another at a rest stop in North Carolina. We had no clue we would be going through North Carolina and thought we might have made a mistake in directions. Luckily the map at the rest area/welcome center showed we were right on track! I drove through to the welcome center and John drove the rest of the adventure. The rest of the way was through mountains and curvy roads - not to be driven on while drinking that is for sure! Once off the interstate we were mesmerized with all of the gorgeous scenery we were passing. The look of fall was just beginning to show its face. There were a few lookout places to stop and enjoy the view, but decided to wait until our drive home - we were ready to see our friends!

The entire weekend was so much fun. After the stress John and I had been under with jobs and such it was nice to just get away and relax. The purpose for this trip was for a bachelor/bachelorette party for Lance and Stacy. During the weekend we went to downtown Gatlinburg, the Hard Rock Cafe, the boys played putt-putt, we hung out at the amazing cabin and all in all had a great time with our friends. I think the best was the "man hunt" for Lance and Ross - no clue how all of this happened, but it ended with everyone back at the cabin.

As usual John and I did not want to leave - we never want to go back home from vacations...

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