Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Starts

The start to our old-fashioned summer has started! Down with technology and hello to family fun! Today we played a few yard games - of course we had to video because apparently the kids love the little videos of the kids playing with their toys and opening eggs or whatever they are doing so they want to video our stuff too. I would much rather it be us doing something fun then watching someone else play with their toys.

John is finishing up the play set for the kids and while he was building Heidi took the slide and pulled it over the trampoline. Such a smart and strong little cookie! It was a perfect idea and now I think we might need to buy a little slide just for the trampoline. They had such a good time on it!

Dirty little feet and faces - that is what summer is made for!

This is of the fight sessions. I'm not really sure where
this came from...

Spoon race - and you can see in the end that someone
does not like to lose.

Bear Crawl Race

Crab Race

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