Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beach Fun and Turtle Eggs

We headed to SSI for a couple of days and let the kids hang out with their cousins staying there for the week. The intention was to just go for the day, but we ended up going for two because Heidi was insistent upon swimming in the random little swimming pool at the house. Harrison is still not a fan of the sand on the beach and ended up sitting in my lab under the tent the entire time. Eventually Harrison fell asleep :) I am thankful we have a few options for going to the beach, but as much as I LOVE everything about the beach I prefer going to the pool where there is less sand. Everything else - the sounds, smells, food, calmness - I am beach all the way!

FYI - I have the most awesome beach bag. I go to the beach with the kids by myself often and this will hold all of our towels, toys, a little thermal - anything we need! It holds up to 150 pounds :)

On the way out Heidi and I stopped by one of our favorite places to eat - The Crab Trap. John was pretty mad {not really} but we couldn't resist! My girl loves her shrimp so I couldn't deny her!

This morning there was a turtle stuck in our fence and we took him out so he could continue on his adventure. There are turtles all of the time hanging out in our yard. Heidi says it is because we are so nice and they feel safe. WELL, tonight when we got home John spotted another turtle {this one was smaller} and she was laying eggs!! EEK!! We didn't take pictures because we did not want to disturb her, but I am totally excited! Tomorrow's project is to get chicken wire to protect the next from the other animals we have around here. This will be so exciting for the kids to watch!

One morning this week Heidi decided to give herself a ton of accessories. Obviously we had to take a picture! Harrison was not having it. Each time I tried to take the picture he would run in front of the camera because he wanted HIS picture taken. This little guy is such a ham! He even picks up the camera and smiles so that I will take his picture.

Awesome find of the week - a Barbie Dream House on an online yard sale site for $40! And it has barely been played with! Christmas for Heidi :) Side perk, it also included all of the furniture with it - yay!! We have plenty of Barbies, so now she will be able to play all day! She asked for one for her birthday, but I just couldn't justify the cost - that and we certainly do not have the room right now!

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