Saturday, July 6, 2013

Last Weekend

We have had so much going on - weekends have been on in full force and there is not any light in sight of letting up! The kids and I traveled to Atlanta with my parents so that we could celebrate. It was late when we got there and this amazing thing happened. Harrison fell asleep in the car on the way {after a small scream session driving through Henry County} and then once we got to my brother's house we took all of our stuff inside. I took Harrison out of his carseat, set up his bed, changed his diaper and put him in his bed. During the whole time he stayed asleep - what?!?!? Seriously, he is such a great sleeper and I love it!

The next day we celebrated Olivia's birthday at a gymnastics place. Heidi loved jumping on the trampoline and running around with the hula hoop. Harrison liked napping in the moby and then later stretching out on the trampoline. Later that night we had a little cookout and watched Olivia open her presents. Once the kids {well, the younger ones} went to sleep we hung out with the family and the girls started planning our future "girl cousin" trip - so excited! It is nice having cousins that are so close and more like siblings.

Sunday we came home and once again - so exhausted!! I am noticing it is absolutely impossible for me to take pictures of everything going on now with both Heidi and Harrison. I am going to have to start stealing family member's pictures for my photo books!!

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