Monday, January 21, 2013

Party Weekend

This weekend we traveled to John's hometown for our nephew's birthday party. Our little {ok, not so little since he is pretty much going to pass me in height in a couple of years} Gavin turned 5 years old! We stayed with John's brother and his crew {like we did a few days before Christmas} and Heidi had such a fun time playing with her two cousins. Gavin just turned 5 and Grace is 9 months older than Heidi so they always have such an amazing time. When we told Heidi we were going she was pumped to play in the playroom and to sleep in Grace's room.

We arrived Friday night {ate dinner on the way and John would not let me go to Cracker Barrel} pretty late and went straight to bed. I was having an awful time with my foot. It started hurting that afternoon and by the time we were getting ready to leave I was a limping, waddling, pregnant woman. Heidi and I went to sleep and luckily my foot felt much better when I woke up Saturday morning. Good thing too because we were going to a bowling party that morning! It was Heidi's very first time to bowl and she was super excited - even if she had no clue what she was about to do.

All of the kids had such a great time and Heidi had fun going back and forth between the arcade games and the bowling lanes. John was the lead this day since my foot was still a little sore. The kids enjoyed a lovely purple and blue iced cookie cake. I did not partake in the cake - failing my glucose test and all....blech. After bowling we headed back to the house for lunch and the kids had nap time. Well, the kids and me :)

Once nap time was over we had to get ready for the family party! I think everyone was there and it was such a great time! John jumped on the trampoline with Heidi and some of the other kids and Heidi had a blast! She absolutely loves to jump. It is the first thing she does every morning {jumps on her trampoline} and the first thing she does when we get home everyday. We enjoyed BBQ sandwiches and cake! Yes, I did have cake - don't judge. Once everyone left we watched Brave - such a good movie!

We went to bed and then woke up and we all went to eat at my favorite {I cannot get enough of this place!!} Cracker Barrel for breakfast! Our journey home started about an hour after breakfast.

It was such a fun time and I am so grateful that John has a job now where we can enjoy such fun events as a family.

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